The beginning

I can’t quite put a specific ‘motivation’ behind starting a blog. At this stage, I can barely add a theme to it. Is this meant to be funny? Not intentionally. Am I going to be providing some life changing parenting advice? I highly doubt it. 

If someone, somewhere had a gun to my head and were threatening to take my life if I didn’t answer, I’d say that writing is quite a nice release for me. I admit that, like most people, I have issues with menial stuff. Worries about work, worries about parenting, worries about dying tomorrow. That complete insecurity that leaves you crying profusely inside, while you focus on your shiny exterior. Normal, yes?

Please don’t expect tongue in cheek posts about my kids shitting on my head, or something of that ilk. I don’t have any intention of talking about shagging, or how those opportunities don’t present themselves anymore. I’m not criticising these blogs for one minute, I read stuff like this and find a lot of hilarious, reassuring and frankly interesting. It’s just not me. 

If you are one of the two people (maximum) who I think will read this, you’ll probably never know who I am. I’m completely comfortable with anonymity, which is a fair reflection on my ability to share my issues with loved ones around me. 

I’m selling this well, yes? 

The side story behind the grainy issues I’ve presented you with this far, is that I’m in my mid (to late) 30s with two boys aged 4 and 6 months, at time of print. I run a dwindling business with desperate ambition but little motivation and have a wonderful wife and family that I love very much. 

I’m going to try and post at least once a day, although you can expect some breaks where I’ll be vacantly staring into a glass of wine while internally muttering ‘what the fuck’ to myself over and over again. 

Above all else, I hope someone reads this and actually enjoys it. If you are that person, I hope I resonate with you in some way and make you feel like you’re not alone. 

You know what? As a ‘motivation’ for writing a blog, that sounds pretty fucking perfect. Not a gun to the head in sight either, good start.