Weekend mornings

I love weekends. Not for the same reasons I used to, you know those casual, hazy booze soaked days of no work, long lay ins, lunches out and buying pretentious baked goods from an independent deli? 

Where I used to turn the alarm off on weekends however, now I set it for 7:15, which doesn’t usually go off as I’m already up. 

It may sound like I’m whining here, but I’m not, stay with me

My wife works incredibly hard bringing the boys up, currently the baby sleeps in hour long spells and as she’s breastfeeding there’s very little I can do. He wakes up, he wants the boob. I’m unintentionally developing some moobs, but even when those bad boys are fully developed, I won’t be producing (much) milk. 

Nowadays, my pleasure comes from being able to get up with the boys on weekends and let my wife have a well deserved lie in, although she still refuses to take a full allocation as she wants to be with us too. 

After working as a self employed guy, dealing with frustrations and not earning much in the process, spending those hours with my boys is the most precious thing. 

Being a parent is great, I know how lucky I am to have what I have and weekend mornings are where I feel it the most. Plus I’m still more than capable of weekend evening wine. I just cut it off at a point where I used to start necking J├Ąger bombs.