An ode to my wife

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do,

Wading through piss and vomit and poo.

Feeding the baby, often all night,

While I sleep deeply until it gets light.


It’s always my intention to help with whatever,

I hope you know that’s always my endeavour?

I do what I can to help you out of a hole,

But you just have everything under control.


On weekend mornings I encourage you to rest,

But you want family time as you think that’s the best.

How you function with such little sleep,

Is completely beyond me but it’s a skill that you keep.


You’re patient and positive in the face of adversity,

Juggling motherhood, work and University.

Whatever happens, we all come first,

For nights out and treats you can’t be coerced.


So thank you so much to the best Mum and wife,

Our boys have had the best start in life.

You’re amazing, you’re strong and I admire from afar,

I just wish you knew how amazing you are.



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